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HomePlace, Indiana
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2/1/2017:  Please see the latest information about annexation by clicking the link in the
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1/8/2017        Comments from a Home Place resident and reader of this website on the
forced annexation attempt by Carmel:

                    'This is from the SW Clay Supreme Court Trial about the issue of fire
protection if Home Place defeats Carmel's attempt to forcibly annex Home Place:  

"The trial court found conditions (A) through (D) were all satisfied, and condition (E) not
applicable. Some of these findings pose interesting questions. As to condition (A), for
example, Clay Township presently pays Carmel to provide fire protection in the annexed
area. Does this mean that a provider other than the municipality seeking the annexation,
to quote section 13(e)(2)(A), is providing fire protection?   This conundrum can wait for
another day, inasmuch as the remaining remonstrators have not proven condition (D)
This is why this case is still around."

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