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HomePlace, Indiana
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If Rand Shepard and the Supreme Court had ruled back then, instead of running
away, a lot of citizens in Home Place would at least know where they stood.

What makes a firefighter is 1) personnel 2) equipment 3) facilities. Clay
Township built the fire station, bought the engines and equipment, and hired
Carmel to provide the personnel. Clay Township furnished fire protection in
Home Place/Orchard Park. A Carmel firefighter isn't a firefighter without

8/13/2016:  If you enjoy mysteries with a bit of atmosphere, I can recommend
the Marjorie Trumaine series by Indiana author, Larry D. Sweazy.  I just finished
the first two books in that series and now must wait until April of next year to find
out what happens next in the surprisingly eventful life of a "simple"North Dakota
farmer's wife.  Marjorie's story takes place not too long after the death of the
35th President of the United States.  In addition to her responsibilities at the
farm and taking care of an invalid husband, Marjorie works part-time as a
freelance "back of the book indexer."

This is not a cozy mystery, but most of the mayhem takes place off screen.  So,
if you are kind of squeamish, as I am, you'll be okay.  

I've not read anything quite like this book, even though I've been reading
mysteries since I discovered Nancy Drew in fourth grade.  The setting is a farm
outside of a small town where, on the surface, not much could go wrong, except
for the weather.  And, 1964 was before cell phones, the Internet, and e-mail, of
course. Sweazy sets the stage and then pulls all the strings to tell an exciting

The two mysteries in this series that have been published so far are
See Also:
and See Also: Deception.  It's probably a good idea to read them in
order (
Murder is first).

Sweazy also writes Westerns (post-Civil War and modern day) and some
stand-alone novels.  I might give those a try.  April is a long way away.


7/8/2016:  I woke up this morning to the news from Dallas.  The death toll now
stands at 5 police officers.  Seven others were injured; I don't know how badly.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families, friends and fellow police officers.

Apparently, there are people and organizations actually inciting individual
citizens to continue the killing of police officers.

To the police officers of Indiana:  Thank you for doing a hard and increasingly
dangerous job.  Stay safe!